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I love to make all kinds of wands and I would be happy to create a special one made in sacred space just for you, no two are alike and I put positive energy into making each wand I create.
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How to Make a Magick Ritual Wand
Making a ritual wand doesn’t have to involve a lot of money and can be done even if you believe you don’t have any creative talents. Here are some steps that can help you in your process.
Find a well-grown tree with many branches. Most traditions will suggest oak, willow, or ash wood, however, if you resonate with another tree then use a branch from that particular tree. While it’s best to use deadfall, some trees will donate a branch if you are obtaining it gratefully and respectfully without harming the tree.
Make sure to ask the tree for permission to use one of its branches for a wand. Meditate a while to receive an answer. If you feel guilt, the tree said ‘No’. You must find another tree. If not, it said 'Yes'.
Carefully cut a sturdy branch using a sharp knife or called a boline, which is a traditional Wiccan ritual tool. Make sure to make a clean, straight cut.
Thank the tree for its sacrifice. Leave an offering such as cornmeal, fruit, or just water at its base.
Next, remove the bark, leaves, and stubs by sanding in order to get a smooth surface all around.
Then you can use a sharp knife to whittle a handle although this step is optional. Get creative and add an elaborate design or simply make a straight line.
Carve Runes, symbols or sigils into the wand, saying the properties of each as you carve them. A good quality wood burning tool is great for this. If the wood is soft enough a sharp knife will work.
Add a crystal point to the tip using super glue or an air-drying wood putty or jewellery clay. Quartz works well however, chose a crystal that resonates with your intention for the wand.
Glue one of your hairs to the tip of the wand to infuse it with your energy. 
Lastly, you can paint, add polymer clay, add feathers or ribbons etc. Add whatever you feel called to add as this is your wand.
Make sure to consecrate it and cleanse it before you use it in ritual or spellwork.

When you get your wand you will want to purify it, as with all your tools, you need to do this to each new item no matter how you acquire it. You will also want to purify, cleanse and bless them as you feel the need, especially after any negative feelings, happenings or just in a usual manner at the time of the full moon is always a good time to do this on a regular basis.

To purify the Wand
Take the wand outside at Sunset.  Rub fresh lavender, mint or eucalyptus
onto it.  Raise it into the air towards East. (or towards the moon) and
invoke the Goddess.  At Sunrise, take it outside again, rub it with leaves
again, and invoke the God, raising it to the East.
.•º•.☆The Crafty Kitchen Witch☆.•º•.
Wand Blessing

Earth, Fire, Water, and air;
bless this wand
with love and care.

Infuse with magick
from Spirit inside of me,
Charge this wand
So Mote it be!!
.•º•.☆The Crafty Kitchen Witch☆.•º•.
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